VEGAS CASINO is located in the 5-star KINGS COURT Hotel at Náměstí Republiky, close to the Palladium shopping center and one of the most expensive streets in the world by its rent area – Na Příkopě Street. VEGAS CASINO belongs together with BANCO CASINO to BANCO-CASINO a.s. VEGAS CASINO ranks among the most prestigious and most visited casinos in Prague, offering its visitors the highest level of service.


  • Game currency: CZK and EUR (other foreign currencies can be changed at the cash desk for cash chips)
  • We accept credit cards: VISA, EC/MC a Dinners Club
  • Live games: American roulette: Black Jack, Banco Poker, Pontoon and Ultimate Texas Holde’m, Baccarat
  • Electronic games: Electronic roulettes, Slot machines and Video Lottery Terminals
  • Minimum bet: 1,- EUR on American roulette
  • Minimum bet: 5,- EUR on Black Jack, Banco Poker and Pontoon
  • Maximum bet: 500,- EUR

American roulette
American Roulette is a simple and dynamic game. The chips purchased at the game table can be placed on numbers or outside chances (colors, dozens and columns). Once the ball falls, the dealer will mark the winning number, pay all winning bets and start a new game. Compared to French and European roulette, the American roulette features a double zero.

Black Jack
Black Jack is one of the most popular and most famous card games. Black Jack is played with several 52-card packs. The player’s goal is to defeat the dealer, so that the sum of player cards would be higher than the sum of the dealer’s cards and at the same time he does not exceed the total sum of 21. If the player gets over the 21 total, he loses the game, regardless of the dealer’s cards. If he draws the sum of the dealers, he loses the game against the players who do not exceed the sum of the cards.

Pontoon is an alternative to Black Jack and is one of the less known card games. The rules of the game do not differ much from Black Jack. The difference is only in the winning combination – Pontoon. This happens when the player has a total of 21 in his hand of the first two cards (ace + card with a value of 10) holds 5 cards and their total does not exceed 21, or holds 3 or 4 cards with the sum of 21.

Banco Poker
The aim of the BANCO Poker game is to get higher cards than your dealer has. After starting the game, the player will place an ANTE bet. The dealer gives five cards to all players and to himself. Cards are put face down, except for the last dealers card. The player can exchange one card for the amount of the ANTE bet. The player decides whether to stop or to continue the game. If the player wants to continue in the game, he has to bet twice his ANTE. The dealer must be qualified with at least an ace and a king.

Ultimate Texas Holde’m
Ultimate Texas Holde’m is the most popular sort of poker. The rules are very simple. The player gets two cards that he does not show anyone. The other five cards are placed face up on the common table. By combining of these cards, the player must assemble the strongest possible combination.